Individual approach and longstanding experience in the sphere of transport, archiving and delivery

Do you want to transport your documents or materials on a regular basis?
Courier and transport services
Do you need to archive a lot of documents?
How to send out effectively your shipments?
Dispatch Services

Our other services:

Storage services
Do you look for a suitable space to store your items and its logistics?
Distribution Service
Do you have distribution problems and do you look for a convenient solution?
Database administration
Do you operate with a lot data and do you strive for effective data management and usage?

About Makrofakt

Makrofakt is a family firm founded in 1996. Its higher management has been working together since the beginning until today. This enables to use our experiences for further development of the company. It is also a guarantee of the compact and united business strategy. We pay attention to a high quality of our services and a satisfaction of our clients.

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